It all started back in early 2019, during one of those motivational talks to my little girl, when I said - "We are all born to make a difference, so always pick a path where you can make a difference." That conversation, was a huge moment of self-realization for me! I felt, it was about time I rewrite the second innings of my career with the idea of giving back to our people, getting back to our roots and celebrating all the good things in life. 

Within the next couple of months, I resigned my job as a Software Development Manager and set up my own venture to make a difference in three areas that I am really passionate about - Women Empowerment, Local Artisans and Nature. 

While researching on how I could make a difference and bring these causes together on a single platform, I came across hundreds of looming, vulnerable yet truly amazing, awe-inspiring and life-changing women, young entrepreneurs and local artisans who are revolutionizing the meaning of Empowerment, Perseverance and the Art of Giving Back.

Just imagine -

  • How amazing are those artisans, who are willing to face numerous hardships and poverty but unwilling to give up on centuries old traditional craftsmanship..
  • How awe-inspiring are those individuals "labeled" as disabled, who handcraft such incredibly innovative products and are challenging our society if disability is in the way we label them..
  • How fabulous are those young millennial minds, who set-out on a path to promote sustainable living and are making a huge difference to our planet!
  • How extraordinary are those women organizations, foundations, local co-operatives and NGOs - who care, counsel, train and empower many vulnerable and underprivileged women/artisans to provide them  dignity of life and respectable living!

Shop Fabels is an initiative to bring such incredibly amazing stories and their products under one global platform beyond cultural, technological, logistic and fair trade barriers. 

Like Turkish writer, Mehmet Murat Idian once said, "Let us honor ourselves by honoring them." 

    Welcome to SHOP FABELS, where we Celebrate Nature and Artisans.

    Empower and Make a Difference in someone's life today!